Computers virus. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

Spread the love browser hijacker offers using a search engine available on site. Unfortunately, search services provided by it cannot be trusted. Cybersecurity experts report that this search page is being promoted via software bundles and tends to install itself on users’ computers silently; therefore it has been added to the potentially unwanted programs (PUP) list.[1] virus is a typical browser hijacker by Polarity Technologies, Ltd. This company is well-known to security experts as it specializes in potentially unwanted software development. It has already released such infamous browser redirect viruses such as, or currently very active

After entering a search query into the browser, this potentially unwanted program will send your request to before landing you on a customized SaferBrowser Yahoo Search results’ page. It means that these results will contain ads leading to possibly untrustworthy web pages.

Safer Browser search cannot be trusted as it is mainly designed to generate revenue for its developers. It is highly likely that these search services promote various links without checking their reliability. In other words, clicking on ads might take you to insecure web pages where you can get access to highly dangerous downloads.

Another questionable fact about this search engine is that it silently monitors user’s activities the entire time one browses the Internet. It silently records IP address, geolocation of the device, words and phrases the user types into the search engine, ads and links one decides to click, and similar data. Collected data might be shared with third-party partners or ad networks[2] to select targeted ads and deliver them to the victim in the form of search results or, even worse, pop-up and banner ads.

These are the main reasons to remove In our opinion, using a search engine that was set as your homepage and default search provider without your knowledge is a bad idea. Therefore, we have prepared removal tutorial which you can find below.

Although the tutorial explains how to delete the hijacker, remember that it might be only one of several computer threats existing on your system. To complete the system cleanup, we recommend running a system scan with software like Reimage.

Things to know to avoid installing browser hijackers

Browser hijackers tend to hide in installers meant to set up other programs on your computer system. In other words, if you download a free game from a file-sharing website, you must check what the installer suggests installing alongside the game because if you rely on Default or Standard installation options, you can end up with several potentially unwanted and ad-supported programs on your computer.

To drop off unwanted elements, it is enough to deselect them in the installer. It can be done via Custom/Advanced settings only.

Remove from your browser

To clean Chrome, Firefox and other affected browsers, you have to find and remove virus. Naturally, you probably do not know how to do it (especially if you have never encountered a browser hijacker before). Do not worry – our experts prepared in-detail directions how to find components of browser hijackers and eliminate them.

Once you are done with removal, consider scanning your computer for spyware and/or malware programs that might be running on your computer silently. It goes without saying that the most dangerous software tends to operate without drawing user’s attention. Today, malware is on the rise, therefore being careful is a highly recommended option. You can find more security-related tips and alerts about active malware variants on site[3].

You can remove automatically with a help of one of these programs: ReimagePlumbytes Anti-MalwareMalwarebytes Anti Malware. We recommend these applications because they can easily delete potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.



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